April 28-May 2, 2022
Ongoing Personal Development

Experiencing Spiritual Freedom Intensive

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This is a 5-day residential intensive format that includes both working with the Virtues and with the Holy Ideas.

The Virtues described by the Enneagram are qualities of the life force and are experienced in everyday life when our life force is well-balanced. The Virtues are always present even though we may not have direct experience of them, particularly when we are in the reactivity of our passion.

The Holy Ideas are qualities of Being itself and can be recognized and experienced in spiritual experience. Using images of the Holy Ideas and the symbolic meanings they evoke, we will explore the Holy Idea of our own Type and invoke its presence in everyday life. We will also explore our experience from the perspective of Holy Love, Holy Faith, and Holy Hope, and their effect on our worldview.

This class works with identifying the experience of the passion, and with relaxing into the contraction that holds it in place, instead of fighting it or fleeing from it. You will accomplish a deep personal examination of your own emotional pattern and its conversion to the corresponding virtue through exercises, meditation practices, and dialogue. This class also enters into an examination of the reality and validity of intuitive knowing. Methods will include meditation, guided imagery, inquiry exercises, dialogue and journaling.

Who Should Attend

This program is for those who desire to practice, experience, and integrate personality with the inner core or” true” self, using the Enneagram as a map and guide.

Although there are no formal requirements for participating in this course, students are expected to be familiar with the Enneagram model and to know their own Enneagram Type. A capacity for inner observation is also very helpful.

Faculty Bios

Carole Whitaker is a spiritual director and has been teaching the Enneagram since 1996 and working to bring forward the Spiritual Freedom work since 2001.  

Gloria Cuevas-Barnett has been engaged in teaching Gurdjieff Fourth Way Work for over 50 years and has also been teaching the Spiritual Freedom work since 2001.

Robin Cameron is a spiritual director bringing her Enneagram work to the Sedona Soul Adventures as well as providing continuing study for Spiritual Freedom participants for many years.

Joyce Plaza has been studying the Enneagram since 1998 and has taught Enneagram workshops to individuals, groups, and teams.


Redemptorist Renewal Center
7101 W. Picture Rocks Rd., Tucson, AZ 85743

Please note that due to current circumstances with COVID-19, this retreat center requires that guests are fully vaccinated. You will be required to provide proof of vaccination when making your housing selection.

Fees, Discounts and Registration

Tuition: $1050
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Repeaters: Save $400 off either early-bird or standard tuition

Tuition costs do not include housing and meals.

Payment Details

Non-Refundable Deposit: $200
Due at time of Registration
1/2 of Payment Balance Due: February 11, 2022
Final Payment Balance Due: March 28, 2022

Payment plan includes the cost tuition, housing and meals. The full balance will be added to your invoice.

Housing & Meals

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to select your housing choice and any additional upgrades. An invoice will be sent for you to make your payment for housing and meals.

  • Double Room: $550 per person
  • Single Room: $630
  • Hermitage (Single Room Upgrade): $670
  • Commuter: $300


  • Double Suite upgrade: $40 (only applicable for a double room)
  • Extra night before:
    • Double Room: $137.50
    • Single Room: $157.50
  • Extra night after:
    • Double Room: $137.50
    • Single Room: $157.50


April 28-May 2, 2022

Arrival & Check-In: Thursday, April 28, 2022 – 3 pm PDT
Departure & Check-out: Monday, May 2, 2022 – 1 pm PDT

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Final day to cancel and receive a partial refund: February 21, 2022


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